Chorus 1 complete with 100 L tank

Chorus 1 complete with 100 L tank

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Nominal output (max): 20 l/hrDispense rate from tap: 1.5 l/min - 2 l /mNominal daily output (max): 480 l/24 hour dayInorganics @ 25°C: 18.2 MΩ-cmTotal organic carbon (TOC): <5 ppbBacteria – typical: <0.1 CFU/mlpH: effectively neutral

PURELAB® Chorus 1 Complete– 20 LPH

PURELAB Chorus gives you the choice to configure a solution that best suits your needs with the added benefit of flexibility should your future needs change.

PURELAB® Chorus 1 Complete produces Type I ultrapure water & type 2 (Di) water direct from a potable tap water supply. Integral full recirculation of purified water maintains optimum purity and photooxidation ensures a low bacterial count right to the point of use.

When general laboratory grade water is needed PURELAB Chorus 1 provide reliable solutions with flexibility to suit your requirements.

Sanitant incorporated inside pretreatment, as no chemical handling. System sanitized every time the pretreatment pack is changed. PURELAB Chorus 1 contain RO membrane and produces Type I Ultrapure water

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